Fantastic opportunity! Thanks Husacar Lopez!
I have only been with for a little over 6 weeks. I started on a $ 300 contract but upgraded to $ 500 after a few weeks. I’ve gotten over $ 100 so far in pure trading. You do not need to recruit anyone to make money here. I get almost annoyed when I read SCAM WARNING online where they write that CFX promises you 15% return a week, you have no idea who the owners are and that there is actually some trading going on, you have to be well blown to believe.

The truth is that they do not promise a 15% return per week, on the contrary! They are very clear that everything that has to do with finance comes with a certain risk. On the other hand, they want to achieve 15% a week, which will be the roof for the «investors». So you can get MAX 15% a week. BUT they promise nothing. What you can see, however, is the history, I personally lie with an average of 1.25% a day. ie 7.5% per week. Something I think is incredibly good!

Furthermore, Husacar Lopez is the CEO of cash FX. He is very visible and it is absolutely no secret. As a member, you will still receive emails from him. He also often attends zoom meetings that all members have the opportunity to attend. And this with trading, they have something called LIVE TV where you can see which currency they trade with, when a purchase has been made and when a sale has been made. If this is not enough proof then they also have an official partnership with EverFX which is a large trading company. EverFX has confirmed that there is an agreement between the companies and the COO of EverFX has also stated that the funds invested are insured through EverFX which is a regulated trading company.

Good luck!