Headquarters is located in Panama City, Panama.

RBS Tower - Ave. Balboa, Ramón H. Jurado St, 9th floor, Punta Paitilla, Panama.
RUC 155665763-2-2018 DV 25.

Right time

Never before has there been better timing when it comes to facilitating opportunities in the financial market. CFX has an open door policy which means that everyone can travel to Panama and see how the team works.

Right Team

CFX's visionary team is committed to delivering exceptional results, with a focus on being one step ahead. We are building an FX trading platform in the long term, and setting the standard to change the fortune for future generations!

Right technology

Outstanding results, closely monitored by CFX trading team and other dedicated professionals. CFX has developed advanced algorithms in the forex / currency market, which make it possible to get a high return on investment.

CEO Huascar Lopez


Born in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, educated with very defined values by his father who is a lawyer and his mother who was a university professor along with his three sisters, he grew up in a small city learning the importance of family. 

Edwin Abad

VP Trading of Operations

Edwin Abad is a very proud family man and father of 2 boys and 2 girls with his wife Ingrid. Born in the Dominican Republic, with a strong work ethic, he decided …


Karolinna Venturi Panama Office Architect

John Kinnear Marketing Director

Carolina Raulino Marketing Team Graphic Artist

Albeiro C. Guerro Marketing Team Social Live Streamin

Marisol T. Pinilla Marketing Team Social Live Streaming

Technology & Development Conversion Pros Inc

Headquarters is located in Panama City, Panama. Headquarters: 701 S Carson St, Ste 200, Carson City, Nevada, 89701, United States

Ron Pope Co-Founder & President/CEO

Jamie Beck Co-Founder & CTO

Cash Forex Group trading team